Any Dyson DC07 owners out there?

    Hi. I wondered if anyone out there owned a Dyson DC07 upright vacuum cleaner? Of particular interest would be anyone who owns one one of the HEPA filter models? I bought one off eBay but suspect their might be a rubber seal missing. Just need a very quick bit of assistance which involves you quickly looking at yours and letting me know if yours has one.

    Please leave a reply here or PM me if you can help and I'll tell you where to look. REP will be left. Thanks in advance!


    We own that model. Hope i can help!

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    Lifesaver!! I just wondered if you took off the dust collector (as if you were going to empty it, and then face the machine itself, about half way down the spine you should see two pipe holes, the one on the left looks like a backward D and the one on the right is a rectangle. Do they both have rubber seals on the or does only the left D shaped one have one?


    the rubber seal for the rectangle should be on the cylinder.
    hope this helps

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    You are a star, thankyou. Looks like mine is missing then. Have some heat :-)

    your welcome and thanks

    ring dyson and they wil prob send you one for free.

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    Thanks I will give that a go.
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