Any easy (non payment) way of UNLOCKING a K800i ??

    It's on Vodafone

    cant call em as he hasnt had the sim that long and wants to move to o2 anyways

    Anyone help?

    I heard of Freedom Reloaded program but you need a server access code which costs a fiver or something...



    DIY but dunno if k800i is a db2020 phone … DIY but dunno if k800i is a db2020 phone

    This method will work. I unlocked my K800i by following a process like that.

    1. Get the correct MAIN and FS firmware files. The firmware files you get from the 'net need to match the CID version of your phone (check that using SETools or XS++)
    2. Create a sim-unlock patch using Simox / "Sim unlock patch gen"
    3. Use SETools (or maybe XS++) to flash the two firmware files to the phone and apply the patch which unlocks the SIM lock.

    If you don't want to flash the phone's firmware, you might be able to just create the sim unlock patch and apply it. Can't remember exactly.. haven't unlocked any SE phones for about 6 months..

    If you need any of the tools (SETools, XS++, Sim Unlock Patch Gen), send me a PM and I can upload them for you. I know when i was procuring them all, it was a bit of a mission!

    Finally, is a really good site for SE unlocking info - read through the tutorials before you rush in and start flashing the phone, you dont wanna brick it!
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