Any eBay // FB Marketplace gurus about for some advice please? Collection/payment options

Posted 16th Jan 2021
Hey everyone, I have started selling on eBay recently and have mostly been selling items which buyers have paid for using PayPal and I’ve been sending through parcelforce, royal mail etc.

I now have some higher value items (400-600) which are too large to sell and I have put up for collection on eBay and I have put a listing up on Fb marketplace.

The 2 options I have for buyer payment on eBay are

paypal or cash on collection

are these options safer than they once were?

I know a scam on PayPal used to be that buyers paid through PayPal, collected the item and then days/weeks later said that they had paid but never received the item and got a refund through PayPal buyer protection.

With the new code created on eBay where I ask the buyer for their code and type it into my eBay account before giving them the item, has that taken away their opportunity to scam me?(and also could someone confirm exactly how that process works please)

cash on collection, obviously the risk is fake notes, arethere any pens, items, tutorials on what to look out for which would help to lessen that risk also?

Finally FB marketplace, seems a lot riskier than eBay, is it a scammers paradise or is it ok for certain payment types such as
bank transfer or cash only?

many thanks for any other info you can share regarding cash on collection and eBay sales.

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