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Any electricians on here? Need assistance troubleshooting lighting!

Posted 2nd Feb 2013
Hi all, recently had a strip light blow in the kitchen, they didn't all go together, they went one at a time and now none are working so I bought some replacement bulbs which definitely fit and I have tested all of them on the working light, basically just wondering if anyone knows why the first strip light in the circuit isn't working but the second is?

Many thanks for any help in advance, diagram to follow!
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it might be the starter


This is what the set up looks like, where would I find the starter?

Should probably have added that the bulbs are t4 3400k 20w strip lights.
It appears from your drawing that the right hand tube is not connected at one end

The starter is the little white (looks like a sticky out top of a bottle) bit that sticks out of one side of the flourescent light. Turn it, take it out a bit, not right out, then turn and click it back in, the light should come on.
Turn light off and on again, (at the switch) and if it doesn't come back on, it's the starter.

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I had problems with my striplight, I bought a new bulb as I had already replaced starter with a spare, the light worked for a while then stopped working again. I turns out that the connector needed replacing, there is one each end the light connects onto, you might be able to buy a replacement for yours.

So what I am saying is, it might be a connection problem.
it is difficult to tell from your HD photo, but if it is one of the mini T4 strip light, eg for under cabinets etc. some of them don't have starters that you can change, so possibly the unit is broken, and the solution is to replace.
£15 from screwfix. be aware though that the interconnecting plugs may of changed.
Check starter, take the one out of the one that is working, and try it in the one that isn't working.
Check all you trips have not tripped, though I doubt this is the problem, also check the strip bulb is turned in all the way until it clicks, can some times be stiff.
Finally check the bulbs, you could have fitted a dud
had a problem like yours tuern out to be loose wire on the light switch
You need to buy a new unit I have these under my cabinets and I had the same issue. B&Q do them in different sizes
you should probably provide more info on your light.

is it a 240v light or a low voltage light powered from a transformer?
low voltage lighting usually do not have starters, so may require a replacement light.

if they are 240v lights, then first try the starter, but it could also be a faulty ballast, which would require a new light
Hi all, managed to get some more photos - cant seem to find a starter motor without completely taking the housing to bits of which there are no obvious entry points! The big circle is basically a round chocolate box and all the connections in there are sound. What's most confusing is that the electricity flows through as the second light in the circuit works. So weird! The bulbs are definitely not duds as have tested on the working fitting. Thanks for all the advice so far, looks like I'm gonna need new units




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