Any estate agents on here? Very trivial question to ask

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Found 6th Jul 2007
We have old, scruffy hardwood doors in our house which we want to change but we are also going to sell up in 6 months time.

Is it worth changing the doors to white panelled to attract someone to buy the house (bearing in mind we would have to pay someone to hang the doors and buy the fittings, etc) or do you think it wouldn't sway someone's judgement too much and we'd be better off waiting to buy if our new house needs it?

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I'm not an estate agent but i've watched enough of those dumb morning tv shows... could you change the locks and paint them? might make them look much nicer!
plus it doesn't cost much...

B&Q ,focus etc have sets of handles about five in a box £20 odd. Then paint.
Or strip the doors and sand them, wax them. Puts a sheen rather than shine or varnish.

Assuming you are talking about internal doors? Are they panelled or plain? If they are panelled i would def. say just to spruce them up. Consider though, that it could be purchased as a buy to let - in which case, new doors are unlikely to sway a buyers decision. If the house is a fair price - it will go regardless, but if the market it slow in your area or if there are other areas of the property which its appearance down - overgrown garden, threadbare or worn carpets, chipped kitchen units etc, new doors could present a 'cleaner' visual image.

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They are plain doors (with the exception of the one door downstairs which is new and panelled, etc) cos I thought we needed it there more. The rest of the house is in very good condition, nice carpets, professionally decorated, modern kitchen, etc so probably only the doors that really need looking at. Thanks for the tip re buying a box of 5 handles and painting, I may try it.

The more nicer your house looks the better price you get .... They was a tv show on tv a few days ago . They had to do the house up to get a better price for it if they didnt get the price up the people that did the house up had to pay the rest lol

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I guess I know you're right - just by the time you've bought the door, the door furniture and paid for each to be fitted (we are talking 6 doors) it's quite an expensive job.
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