Any evesham customers, have a look here…ng/

    I know this is well known but doesnt make it any less frustrating for people who bought evesham products with 3 year guarentees over the past year. If my TV goes belly up im up shít creek without a paddle. I wouldnt touch them with a barge pole even tho they are still allowed to trade (albeit under the creditors).

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    as an ex employee of Time Computers who went through the same a similar situation I feel sorry for the customers but am sure the company will be back up and running again in the enxt 6 months or so but a lot of computer companies cannot compete with Dell due to the size of Dell so its no suprise really......

    I bet they will soon start ringing the customers who had a warranty offering them support and asking them to pay a monthly fee for the support instead of an one off payment or something like that....
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