Any Fantastic Mobile Phone Contract Deals

    My girlfriend and I are both with T-mobile, we pay £30 per month with free texts and 900 mins of calls, we have Nokia Express music handsets.

    Our contracts are both up this Weekend so we have the added firepower of wanting 2 contracts and I just wondered if anyone out there has seen or recently got a great deal on a monthly contracted phone? It is such a minefield out there these days.

    As far as handsets go I would like a good recently released handset, maybe an iPhone 4 or HTC desire or similar. But to be honest we call each other a lot as my girlfriend works away so reception is important.

    I would love a Ps3 slim or iPad as the free gift if possible, or even an iPod, but this is not essential, just me being picky.

    Any Help anyone can offer would be fantastic.
    Thanks in advance guys and gals!

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    In my opinion phones4u usually have the best deals, better than going straight to the operators.

    Also, stay well away from Tesco mobile - they are cheap for a reason - just check any review of them as a company.

    I have an iphone 4 with Orange and I think they're great, reception switches to T-Mobile signal if I can't get one with Orange. If you were both Orange then you could have each other as your "magic number" and call each other as often as you want at no cost.
    You get a new magic number every 6 months.

    In terms of customer service o2 are also a great company with no overseas call centres.
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