any fileserve users here? download manager?

    is there a download manager available to download multiple files?


    i use flashget or jdownloader, but think only works for premium users.

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    i use flashget or jdownloader, but think only works for premium users.

    i asctually just brought a fileserve as rapidshare has gone down the drain, but I dont know where to put in the user ID for faster downloads with flashget??

    after something that i can copy and paste eg 20 links in 1 go
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    Just use IDM .


    With the new interface and ability with rapidshare to encrypt downloads, i can no longer use flashget to download files from rapidshare. When i choose the ssl option off, this works fine. Any ideas or a download amanger that can handle mentioned problem above?

    To the op, filserve should work fine with flashget, (as long as you are a premum member and are loged into the website before using the d/l manager, u dont need to then go into the d/l manager and put in log in details) i sometimes copy hundreds of links in one go, but i have version 1.73 of it. I downloaded the latest one and i couldnt find a way to add multiple links, maybe there is a way and someone can enlighten us?

    Jdownloader is the only download manager you need. You can use it with rapidshare and fileserve premium

    flashget i put the login details in the advanced drop down in the new download window, like you would with have with rapidshare

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    thanks people. !! will try later.
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