any films i should see...

    I am filling up my hard drive on my portable laptop....

    what should i get?

    I want to find hidden gems... whats your favourate film..?



    Well, what sort of stuff do you like?

    What sort of films do you like?

    Original Poster

    i am honestly up for anything, just not romantic comedys.... anything else... at all

    My Girl :oops:

    Portable laptops! Whatever next.

    Forgetting sarah marshall is hilarious,

    Try Delicatessen - dark but very funny.

    How about some classics

    Ice Cold in Alex, The Cruel Sea, Dambusters, 611 Squadron, Casablanca, Original Flight of the Phoenix

    i love the Norman Wisdom ones tooo....Mr GRIIIMMMMSDAALLLEEE !!!!


    any coen brother's film! they are all ace

    Amongst favourite films would be Tarantino ones,Saw,I really like Leon too,that 1 def 1 of my faves. I like a lot with De Niro in too. Prefer action adventure,unbelievable story lines,sci-fi etc.

    Old Boy and Ong Bak come highly recommended. Not really my sort of films, but they were awesome!


    Forgetting sarah marshall is hilarious,

    + 1
    I never watch a film twice but this one is a must:thumbsup:

    just saw 12 rounds.. if you like Speed or Speed 2, Phonebooth etc, then is is well worth a watch

    you got to see fargo,the station master,just sooo many films to see so little time on planet earth

    Dirty Dancing ?

    Debbie Does Dallas - a classic ;-)

    KPax with Kevin Spacey about 5 years old...Great film and not watched by a lot of people


    Ignore my post in the other thread, you should totally get Manos: THE HANDS! OF FATE!

    More serious: Alien Raiders (a superb low-budget film that came out last year, good luck finding it though), The Princess Bride, Network, They Live!, Primer, the Cube trilogy, The Big Lebowski, Alien/s/³, and loads more. That's just off the top of my head.

    Chunking Express! :thumbsup:

    An old one but i used to love stir crazy with richard Prior.
    More recently thought superbad was hilarious

    The Myth of Fingerprints
    Shock Corridor
    Jesus Son
    The Ice Storm
    Glengarry Glen Ross
    The Spanish Prisoner
    House of Games
    Paradise Alley
    Talk Radio
    I love your work
    No Vacancy
    Buffalo 66
    Comfort and Joy
    Local Hero
    Run Ronnie Run
    The Ice Harvest
    Pauly Shore is Dead
    The Wizard
    Wet Hot American Summer
    Igby Goes Down
    Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy
    The Cooler
    Southland Tales
    Josie and the Pussycats
    Free Enterprise
    Apt Pupil
    Pieces of April
    Me Without You
    Prozac Nation
    Brokedown Palace
    Tell No One
    Michael Heneke's original Austrian version of Funny Games
    RKO 281
    Cradle will Rock
    Living In Oblivion
    Blue in the Face
    Go Fish
    Hearts & Minds
    Control Room
    Last Party 2000
    Wal*Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices
    One Day in September
    Fog of War
    The Thin Blue Line
    The Big One
    Now You Know
    Drawing Flies
    Dark Star
    Silent Running
    State of Grace
    Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.
    Return of the Secaucus seven
    Battle Beyond the Stars
    The Brother From Another Planet
    The Clan of the Cave Bear
    Passion Fish
    The Secret of Roan Inish
    Sunshine State
    Lone Star
    Beautiful Girls
    Lords of Discipline
    Amazon Women On The Moon
    Kentucky Fried Movie
    Hamlet 2
    Dr Horribles Sing-A-Long Blog

    Big Trouble in Little China! (Love this film)

    Terminators, Die Hards, Bourne Series, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Falling Down

    lol keyops huge list is a mixture of absolute classics and utter crap
    The Beast
    Prince of Darkness
    Chronicles of riddick
    Party Animal
    Evil Dead 2
    Sea of Love
    to name a few


    lol keyops huge list is a mixture of absolute classics and utter crap

    The sweet will never taste so sweet unless you've tasted the sour.
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