any free e-mail to sms gateway for O2?

    hey guys,

    with tmobile i had the [email protected] or something address that would make emails to it get delivered as sms's.

    any idea if this service is available on O2? i see their notification service on their o2 email service but its 10p/sms. what a freakin' rip off!!


    Original Poster

    yep tried those, no luck...

    Seems only to be available for free if you are on O2 Broadband and have a O2 mobile..
    Just having the mobile means you pay 10p a go for receiving the SMS.

    be carefull every1 carphonewarehouse and o2 r ripoffs over charged on bill alot off times and cash back stinks igot 200 min free landline calss 3 monthes later on they sent me a bill for 75 quid the origial agreement whas for £5 for a month special offer dont buy from these kunts

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