Any free software for HTC Touch HD (wm6.1)

    does anyone know any good or usefull software for the HTC touch hd. Ive been looking around and i can see free software but i dont want to pack the phone up with rubbish. if you can recommend any i would appriciate it.

    thanks in advance.


    As long as you BACKUP your system to SD or computer (via software)
    Can put any old 'rubbish' on it, after testing a few, pick what you like.
    Reset HTC (reloads back to orginally setting)
    Restore you backup, sweet.
    Then ony install what you found to be good.

    Original Poster

    thanks. dont know why i didnt think of that.
    rep given.

    I would also like to know what software others have on their wm devices, whether free or not.

    get onto XDA developers forum where they have custom ROMS for the Touch HD including windows Mobile 6.5 which I am told is awesome

    i have a touch diamond

    i've put a "dirty paper" theme on from zuton i think, which is very nice

    i also have bluetooth audio (bt audio) which diverts sound output (podcasts and stuff) to your bluetooth headset - great in my line of work - people think i'm working real hard and i'm just in reality listening to mark kermode or something!

    i also have a program (sensorlock) which locks or unlocks the phone by you turning it 360 deg in your hand

    i love my touch diamond
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