Any Free VISTA compliant Photo editing software ?

    I use Free SerifSoftware on XP machine but seem to be non-compliant with VISTA.

    Any suggestions pls ?


    You could try ]Gimp. Don't be put off by the name, it's a highly regarded piece of software. ;-)

    It is pritty much a rip-off of photoshop. Its good considering its free.

    if its just basic editing like cropping or exposure adjustment i just use the fix option when viewing a picture

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    Thanks for the help guys.. much appreciated

    Depends how much photo editing you're doing, for basic work I like irfranview as it's quick and simple to use for resizes, crops, colour adjustment etc.


    there is another one as well
    try this out edi

    i agree with the first post, gimp is the one you want, best free software out there, and i use photoshop for a living. or the gimp.

    I have used for years and it has always been good, the gimp used to be a pain to instal however, I understand the last release made it easier, and it always was a great programme, I changed to after an XP home we use windows live photo gallery and for basic editing that works fine

    I usually pay a visit to [url][/url] and read the users and editors comments, great site because you can filter for your OS and for free or trial ware and list by rating.

    Picassa is good, but it wants to take over everything from arranging to editing etc.

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    Thanks again guys

    Very basic photoc editing... and I settled with
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