Any free/cheap PINK USB memory (1Gb/2Gb/4Gb) - Must be PINK!

    Don't ask...friend's daughter must have a PINK USB memory drive for her school work... All the ones I've seen are usually more expensive than normal ones...I hate that kind of blatant profiteering.

    Anyway, any 1, 2 or 4Gb drive as cheap as possible (total price no dodgy P&P charges...) would be gratefully appreciated.



    I found ]this one, quite pretty and 'sorta' cheap.. think that £6 all in.

    and the 2gb ]here.. bit more.

    and the 4gb ]here.

    But your right, they do seem quite expensive... mb you could talk her round to any old one

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    Thanks, MissRoo & AugQX...that's roughly what I found so looks like it'll have to be the 4Gb of Kingston or Cruzer.

    Funnily enough the Blue one (for boys?) is 2 quid cheaper!

    yes the plain ones ive seen are cheaper..sillyness isnt it. tusk.
    sorry i couldnt find a freebie! :lol:

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    I've never paid for one of these USB memory drives; so anything is too much! I can normally get ordinary USB memory but never seen a pink one...Thanks again!

    Sandisk Fleur - its only in pink and is good kit inside.

    Its also capless and 1-8gb is available.

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    Thanks, Ibiza...
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