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Posted 23rd Oct
so my tempurtes are fine and no water any where ,only ice at top of fridge,I defrosted it but still ice at top, seals are fine.

I looked at drainage hole and even tho there no build up of water,there seems like a block there, really solid.

so I tried to unblock it ,by don't no why block there and quite hard, worried it actually might for someone reason supposed to be there

rb320d4ww1 is the model

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Hi PR. Hope you are well. I can't tell the orientation of your photo but it does look like the drain hole at the bottom of the interior. This leads to a tray at the back of the evaporator. This hole should not be blocked. as you probably know, the excess 'thawed' water drains through here and through the heat provided by the motor (that drives the refrigerant around the fridge) naturally evaporates.

Sometimes food particles or vegetable matter can fall in and block the hole. Some manufacturers provide a little plastic doohicky to poke and clear it. However not all. Don't be poking anything too destructive or metallic down there as you could inadvertently damage your unit.

Not being aware of your particular model, I don't know if it has any kind of "filter" in there either so try to investigate further before having a serious poke (ooh'er!) or you could perforate it. I've never seen one with a filter yet though. Perhaps use your phonecam to get a close up photo down the hole?

Just as an aside, don't forget that now the colder ambient temperatures are coming, the fridge will need turning down a bit to avoid excess frost.

All the best, Phsy.
From Hisense's own support webpage:

  • Why is there water leaking inside my fridge?

    If a lot of high moisture content food i.e. salads have recently been added then this will condense as part of the refrigeration cycle. Alternatively, the drain pipe could possibly be blocked at the back, inside the fridge. If a blockage is present, the drain pipe can be cleared by inserting a thin knitting needle or braising rod down the drain pipe hole.

I love the suggestion of a "braising rod." Of course - every household has access to braising rods, don't they?

Knitting needle isn't a bad idea though. At least it's coated and doesn't have a particularly 'piercing' end. Another good one is to take the centre out of a biro pen. Bit of sticky tape over the end just in case of ink leaks - perfect 'pokey' device! Hehe.
A plastic cable tie is good to use too.
well it completely blocked by no hole at all, them holes are the one I made by inserting a good probe in there and took some force so didn't feel natural
but having the hole looked like been sealed doesn't look natural too, can't have a look at back, as it sealed too,and it's not a frost free model
really different to get pic due to angle's
It won’t be a straight through hole, it’ll have an elbow in it.
Take a plastic straw and feed it into the hole. It won’t pierce anything and will be flexible enough to bend round the elbow. The thin edges will also act as a a scraper to clean the pipe.
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