any fringe fans thoughts about the show *spoilers*

    well i've just watched the last ep of season 1

    omg! what a show its turning out to be!!

    if you haven't seen the last ep read no futher unless you want to know something that you shouldn't lol
    seeing bell at the end was brilliant and it being who it was *not gonna spoil that much* well seeing this guy twice in a week in two of my fav shows how cool!!!!

    and when that portal opened and that dude got half in half out, i thought he deserved it
    questions answered but so many awaiting my mind will go into overdrive while waiting for season 2

    i'm so chuffed this show has got a second season picked up by the network its really reeled me in

    just waitin to see what Walter's belly is craving each week makes me chuckle every time

    a waiting game now for the next season
    might just re-watch s1 again hunt for baldy man in each ep see if i can find him without cheating and lookin online to find him

    guess the comic will have to do for now 2 altho i did get hold of a copy of one that was given away at a con and drawstring bag with fox and fringe logo which is kinda dudie! and a prequel to the 6 part comics out at the mo

    i'm sooooooooo glad they haven't canned this what with some other shows not fairing so well, makes a change for something to work out so to speak.

    anyone else watchin liking, hating loving the show,


    love it love it love it,its so my new lost

    fringe= wannabe xfiles

    Original Poster


    fringe= wannabe xfiles


    loved x files except for the new movie which i liked but it was naff tbh
    simliar but fringe has something X files didn't and for me its a different level than x files

    and on a show note the grave at the end wow! didn't see that coming!
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