Any games like motorstorm on the XBOX? also that are the best games for the 360?

Found 19th Aug 2010
I have had a PS3 for about 3 years and will never get rid of it but decided to get an xbox aswell (now that it doesn't sound like a jet engine). Bought the new 250gb version direct from microsoft....

BUT what games to get?

I certainly don't want the top titles as I'd never pay more than £15 for a games unless it was AMAZING (like Uncharted 2).

I don't like Call of Duty but did like resistance....

So what to get?

So far I've bought

Colin M Dirt 2
Forza 2
Halo 3
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Worth noting I prefer games that you can turn on play for an hour then leave for 3 months... Not the type that can sit and play for hours every night (hence not getting into Call of Duty)
People have different opinions about games. For example, I think Halo 3 was one of the worst purchases I have ever made for a new game.

The single player was so dull I nearly slipped into a coma and the multi-player was unplayable because 99% of the other players were nerds who had been playing for years and could shoot my anus off from 3 miles away.

Yet I love games that others hate! may be a wise place to visit
Will check out meta thanks...

I honestly think I'll hate Halo 3 but found it for £3.99 delivered on ebay and my brother in law CONSTANTLY reminds me how ALL my games are crap and that this is the best game ever... So have bought that more to show how much I really dislike it.. I don't like those types of games so I doubt I;ll like
I've had my xbox 360 for 18 months now, I'd say my have been Borderlands, Fable 2, Bioshock 1/2, Dirt 1/2, Forza 2/3, Quantum Of Solace, Gears Of War 1/2 & Dead Space.....:{
Like motorstorm I'd say Fuel or Pure
Wagwan! Red Dead Redemption! Best game I have played in a very long time.
If you have any friends with Xbox 360's then one of the best pick up and play games is Left4Dead.

First one is a bit better than the sequel (both are good though) but you really need friends to play it for the full effect.
Left for Dead 1 and 2 are great games, only takes around 40 mins for each level but you can play them again and again, I must have played each level at least 50 times and only now am I starting to tire of it...oh and thats offline not online there are loads of extra online games as well if thats your thing.

Dead Rising is another good one and with the sequel on it's way a good time to try it out.

Doom and Doom 2 on arcade are still great after all these years!

Alan Wake was very good.

Burnout Revenge is great and much better then Paradise, also Blur and Split/Second are fun racing games, to be honest I hated Motorstorm but probably Fuel would be the closest xbox version.
Not sure which of those are on the PS3 as well though so you may have tried them.
If your starting xbox i would get:
Gears of War 2 - Relaxed MP but can get fury
Fifa 10 - if your into Footy
L4D 1 or 2 - So fun and good people there
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Skilled MP and is pretty Cool
Shadowrun - Unique and Cheap
Forza 3 - Pure Class

Games Coming out soon
Gears of War 3 - OMG
Halo Reach - You may like it but i dont
Test Drive 2 - Pure Awesomeness
Fifa 11 - As above
had a 360 a month before reverting back to my ps3 but GOW1 & 2 were very good. Didnt think much of the other top games tbh

although pgr4 was very good too.

had a 360 a month before reverting back to my ps3 but GOW1 & 2 were very … had a 360 a month before reverting back to my ps3 but GOW1 & 2 were very good. Didnt think much of the other top games tbhalthough pgr4 was very good too.

Just ordered PGR4 and also a table tennis game... and a few others (bought every game with 4 start or more reviews on amazon that I could get for under £4 delivered.... Gotta love amazon marketplace
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