Any games recommended similar to Civilization Revolution on XBox360?

My son is mad on Sid Meiers Civilization Revolution on his XBox 360 and I wonder if anyone knows of anything similar which I could buy for his birthday.
He has Halo3, Assassins Creed and kind of likes them but has never played anything as much as the Civilization game.


hmmm an RTS (real-time-strategy)

Depends how old your son is. There are a few RTS on the xbox 360. But mainly more older 16+

have a look here…gy/

but ignore call of duty 3 i dont know why thats in there

Civ revoloution is not RTS but Turn based.

Has he looked at the downloads, Carcassan and Catan.
Not as complicated as Civ revolution but still good and short

Carcassonne is the Xbox live version of a board game of the same name. It's pretty slow paced and does not have very much action in it, as it's just a board game. If he's a fan of strategy based board games i would recommend it though. Bare in mind it might not have a long lasting appeal as all the game modes are effectively the same but i think you can buy extra game types that implement extra features and pieces into the game. If you wanted to know more about how you the game works just give me a shout (but i assume your son has already played the demo on Xbox live).

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