Any gardeners on here

    Anyone know what is best for clearing blackfly from dahlia`s, roses etc.worst I have ever seenbe grateful for your advice


    It may sound silly but washing gently with soapy water is an idea. Better than using chemicals. It takes a few days for them to die - they end up dieing of starvation so i am told.

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    Yes, people swear by spraying with soapy water ( still using chemicals but not pesticides!). Some add garlic or chives to it, or have mainly a garlic infusion with a drop or two of washing up liquid.

    Do it in the evening so it stays wet and doesn't dry in the sun, also you could remove quite a lot by hand before spraying and crush to death.

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    I see we have the same hymn sheet Rich *thumbs up*

    Bit of Fairy washing up liquid and water spray it on, should get rid of them, any washing up liquid will do.





    I see the American way of doing things on this site has infected you too

    OP. Washingup Liquid as stated above.

    If you get yourself a pressure sprayer and load it up with water and washing up liquid this will actually blast them off as well .... it works really well. I bought a sprayer from Poundland and its done the job

    roseclear systemic insecticide and fungicide will do both jobs. Spray once a fortnight for good healthy plants

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    thanks all
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