Any gardeners on here

    Advice please,when do I lift Dahlia tubers and also begonia tubers,also when do you put lupin seeds into pot for next year......


    Dahlia and Begonia wait until the first frost has blackened the leaves lift and store when clean of all dead material in seed trays with dry sand.

    You can sow Lupins now so they get a start in the greenhouse and over winter avoiding frost or leave them on a window sill in the house.

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    gratitude is given,thank you



    The irony of you posting in a thread asking for any gardeners...


    I pretty much agree with mikebike.

    With the Dahlias, it depends where they are now. If you have a clay soil, like me, then get them out as soon as the foliage starts to look tatty; for loams you can give them longer and lift when they start to go black. If you have well drained soil or a raised bed they will probably overwinter OK. If they are in pots leave them there and move into a shed.
    If you lift then here's your process:
    how to lift dahlias

    Begonias, I guess, are in hanging baskets or pots, leave them there, move them in the garage or where- ever and let them dry out. Start watering in the spring and they will come back into growth. If you cannot leave them due to space then let them dry out and extract them and store them dry.

    Lupins, I have just harvested and sown mine, mainly because a few pods had got so wet that the seeds inside had started to germinate!
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    Thank you Chesso.
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