Any gardeners out there? Box hedge advice pretty please?

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Found 11th Aug 2009
We planted an evergreen box hedge nearly 2 years ago. It should have had a trim in beginning of June (I think?), I sort of forgot...Is it best now to leave it or can I still trim it?
Also, I was thinking of giving it a feed. Is tomato feed OK? To be honest it's not looking its best, some leaves are turning yellow/orange...some stems a bit bare. In other sections (shady side) it looks greener and healthier. The hedge hasn't grown or hardly at all since planting, I know it's very slow growing but still . Think it is suffering from drought. Planted very close to low wall foundation (not ideal I know) but wanted to give it a try. So I guess I have to drench it now and keep doing so until summer is over? Haven't been watering the damn thing at all, apart form the first 10 days or so after planting. Guess I should have done with it being so close to the wall?
I manage to kill everything green, hope i can rescue my hedge...all 25 meters of it. I suck at gardening!

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Can you show us a picture of the leaves that have turned yellow/orange?

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Sorry, I'm hopeless at putting pics on here. I have tried before no luck. Basically the plants affected are yellow/green, some a bit of orange too. They look very sad compared to the other ones which are much fuller and greener. There is new growth on the healthier looking ones too, wheras nothing on the ugly ones.

Some people cut them June and late August so it won't do them any harm
if you read the bit under the vegetable food here it tells you to use sulphate of ammonia to feed yellowing box hedges…tml

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Thanks Jeany, repped.
Will get some of that stuff, sounds just what I need.

Hi, I recently worked for a gardening firm for a long time .. Its fine to cut the hedge now, we tended to cut hedges nearer the end of summer rather than the beginning actually, if you trim the hedge/trees they will be fine and dont worry if you cut it too far back and theres not many leaves left as they will regrow again when spring arrives hope this helps bud
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