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I am also thinking about this plan. Particularily I am interested in FlexT35 + web-n-walk. I sounds like a very good value at 32 quid.

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Seems this wasn't the place to ask :-(

If I get any answers anywhere, I'll be sure to let you know what we decide.

It seems a good deal but I'm cynical...

Hiya mate,

been looking into this after you spotted it - and it looks really good (I'm thinking of changing network providers).

If you buy via [url][/url] (Direct link HERE) - you can get £180 worth of calls & text for £26.25 - Normal price £35 !!!!!

The good thing about this is that you get a "pot" of cash each month, and you can take mins or text out of it, you are not set to a specific amount of each.

i.e. you can have 900 mins & 0 text, 700 mins & 400 text, 500 mins & 800 text, 0 mins & 1800 texts....etc, plus every combination in between.

The deal looks good at the min (i.e. £8.75 off per month) - I'm not sure if this is for a limted time only, or it runs out a fter a certain period of time (i.e. you pay the fuill whack after 6 months) - anyone know this ??

The only downside I can see is the 18 month contract, but if you are paying over £100 p/m, then I'd stay on this as long as possible !

Let me know your findings

I've had another look & it's so cheap as it's an introductury offer (25% off) - and that's what you pay for every month !!

I phoned the T-Mobile store where i live. They confirmed that it is the reduced price you pay every month for life! No extra charges...what u see is what u get. Im just waiting on the nokia 6280 to come in stock and ill be getting that with the flext 25 plan!

Just had a chat with T-Mobile sales. This promotion is valid until 1st of May. It is possible to buy cheapest plan (say FlexT20) if you then upgrade to anything more expensive (e.g. FlexT30) the 25% discount will still apply. But not the other way round.
Very tempting... But I'll wait until MDA Compact Graphite is back in stock.

Also, T-Mobile stores are not part of the 25% promotion - it is only available from T-mobile direct, so do not forget about delivery charge. But then there is 12 quid off via Quidco.

Apparently, when i called the store, they said i can purchase from themselves in the store and i will get the 25% off. Dont think you have to buy online only.

I am only stating what I've been told by T-mobile guys. Their explanation was simple - T-mobile stores are franchised and therefore are not part of T-mobile. And the offer clearly says "Offers only available when you buy direct".

my local store has it advertised in the window as 25% off for life

So T-Mobile telesales lied then Good, tomorow I am going to town, maybe will grab some MDA.

I've got the MDA Compact II on Flext 25 + Web n Walk. With 25% off everything I'm paying £24.38 a month for £60 worth of calls / texts / photo messages and unlimited internet access.

Best deal I've ever had.

Some of the cashback deals work out cheaper, but the hassle and the fact they only offer crap phones put me off.

Now I can confirm that this deal definitely available in store! I just bought myself MDA Compact II on FlexT20+Web-n-Walk. 20.60/month.

UPD: The phone (MDA Compact II) is absolutely great. It is slowest phone out of all HTC devices and it is based on the same CPU from TI as MDA Vario. The previous MDA was faster.
Nevertheless, it is possible to overclock it (Jeez, am I talking about overclocking phone! ). Even in non-overclocked state it can easily play DivX video (need to convert it first, I am using PocketDivxEncoder for that) in TCPMP (that's player). For MP3 I can recommend GSPlayer. The Pocket IE isn't great (no support Javascript) so I am going to install Minimo and see how it goes.
Another interesting application to try is LokiWiz, which supposedly is able to unlock this thing.
Web surfing works great but screen is a bit small. Bluetooth works with my in-car handsfree (Parrot CK3000 Evolution).
Haven't tried GPS/Mapping software yet (need to acquire it first) but many people reported that it works perfectly with Destinator.

Also, MSN messenger works It is quite useful for those who got .NET account as you can check your Hotmail Inbox on this phone and even chat with your contacts via mobile Messenger (which is cr*p, BTW - I am going to install something else).

UPD2: Pocket Street works great as well I own Autoroute 2006 and transferred Midlands maps into MDA. Although I can not navigate (don't have GPS hardware as yet) but can search for addresses and POIs).
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