Any good Acoustic (Nylon String) Guitar Deals?


    I am looking for a good quality Classical/ Nylon String guitar deal. I already have one Honher Guitar and i just hate it. The strings are way too far from the fret thus making it hard to play.

    Im looking for a quality one like Admira, Fender or any make you can name except honher or yamaha.

    My budget is around £150 although chaper is the better as im planning to move to steel string guitar later on after i learn playing properly... So, i dont want to spend much money on it. And a good look is important for me. I must love the guitar so i can play it.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Many Thanks


    Only one recommendation from me...Yamaha F310

    Fantastic guitar and dead cheap, had mine for years and absolutely faultless.

    Oops, forgot to mention, only £89.99 on Amazon with a starter pack, or £64.99 on its own.

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    Thanks for the respond guys. But i guess i have forgotten to mention that i am actually looking for a "Nylon String" guitar as i've just started to learn and been told nylon is always easier to learn than steel ones.

    Althogh, F310 seems quite nice and i liked it, i want to buy a nylong string one. Any ideas?

    Many Thanks

    Shave downthe 'bridge' on your current 'tar

    I found it easier with steel! Nylon strings slipped on the frets and away from fingers if you didn't hold the string really well.

    Get a Electro-Acoustic Guitar. Which can be used as an Accoustic or you can connect to to an amp to make your playing louder and also connect to a foot pedal. The microphone is in side of the hole. I have got and Encore Electro Acoustic version which cost abot 50 pounds. Have a look in Argos.

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    Wahat do you guys think of Yamaha FD01 Acoustic Guitar? If its any good, i'll buy it. i want a guitar which doesnt have a mile of space between the strings and the fretboard.
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