Any good alternatives for Merlins-Portal NZB

Found 30th Dec 2009
Users are probably aware its been down since yesterday due to a hard drive crash, it is due to re-open but lost the library of NZb's so it will be like starting from scratch.

Anyone know of any good viable alternatives for merlins portal, I liked the fact it was easy to navigate and user friendly also free to use.
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I think the one I use is nzbmatrix... dont remember the exact url as its bookmarked on my home machine. But its pretty good!
I use

Its all catogorised and easy to navigate.

Never had a problem with these, register and you get a 20 day retention on NZB's (if you donate you get longer)

Might suit you while your usual site gets sorted..

What is this? Some newsgroup thing, never heard of it.

Type in what you want. Boom - there you go.

There's always [url][/url]. But be warned it's a rather elite forum. Play by the rules or say bye-bye.

i use that one
[url][/url] links to nzb and torrents:thumbsup:
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