any good apps out there for lg renoir?

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Found 22nd Apr 2009
hi people
i just got my lg renoir and its great but is there any good apps or software? eg sat nav software which is free?
motion games
please help


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ive got it too but i havnt got round to actually uploading any games. i used to do the stuff before, converting games to fit mobiles etc.

maybe in a month i might get round to it my schedule is hella busy.

you can get msn messenger on it. there is a free sat nav software called 'nav4all'

its not entirely free as there is a charge somewhere but its not much (few pence) im not sure again, at how it works.

in regards to motion sensor games. i havnt come across any specifically for the LG renoir. LG are really slow in providing support for this exceptional phone.

i did come across a site which said the games it had would work on the LG renoir. again, i was too busy to actually take note but if you dont find anything in a month, be sure to drop me a pm and ill see what i can do.

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