Any Good Car Scrapage Deals About? (Budget 5000-6000)

    Title says it all


    Check out this link, there's a list of deals on the left hand side, although on closer inspection it's just quotes from Motor companies of their intentions:…682

    Scrappage scheme doesn't actually take effect until 1st May.


    Oh yes.
    Having bought a 10 year old Peugeot diesel Estate for £1,000 ( now worth about £400) I'm bound to trade it in for a £21,000 current model.
    Am I the only person who buys £1,000 cars because that's all they can afford?
    If i could afford a new car, wouldn't I have bought one?
    If someone can afford a new car, why are they running about in a banger?
    Please educate me as to who is going to go for this deal and why they are running a banger at the moment?
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