Any good cheap circular polarizing filter?

Found 6th Sep 2012

I'm an amateur photographer, I'm planning to buy a circular polarizing filter. However I have a limited budget and have been looking around for a cheap filter.

I'm looking at this Agfa:-


or a Polariod :-
Polaroid Optics 72mm CPL Circular Polarizer Filter for £15.99 from:-…JPI

Does any one have any experience with these 2 ? Or should I put some more cash and get a Hoya :-Hoya 72mm Circular Polarizing Filter for £27.00 from:-…2FF

Which one is better: Agfa, Polariod or Hoya ?

Any other advice on buying a good cheap circular polarizing filter will be highly appreciated.
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Have you had a look at 7DayShop yet?
Just had a look. They have only one. Are they any good? the non-branded ones? (ebay is full of them)
Only ever used the Hoya filter CPL and it works nicely.

7Dayshop stuff is generally the same as the gear you would get from e-bay.

It depends how seriously you take your Photography and if your just a hobbiest or if you are trying to improve yourself.

If you are trying to improve your skills then I would go for the better quality..not that these may be optically better but down to the fact if you take a photo and its pants chances are you will portion the blame to your gear and not your skills.

I think I managed to pinch a Hoya from e-bay for £15 so its worth keeping your eyes open
7Dayshop do sell the Hoya stuff from what I've seen of them, but they've recently overhauled their website and can be pot luck from one week to the next as to what their got available. I got some good filters from them for my Panasonic G2 and we be making use of them this week.

They also sell their stuff on Amazon and possibly EBay from what I've seen of them..

I always think if it's something you enjoy doing then pay for the best you can afford within your budget.
Thanks for your advice FTCom and Celticsun. Yes, I guess I will stick to Hoya.
Polaroid Optics 72mm CPL Circular Polarizer Filter for £15.99 from:-

Good kit.............I use the 58mm 67mm and 77mm and worth every penny and well made.

Hoya, or B&W are better but cost a lot more. Polaroid for the price are middle of the road but the results are constant and pleasing. I have used them for work i have published and shots I take for the local football team when I am asked .........No complaints.

Polaroid Optics 72mm CPL Circular Polarizer Filter for £15.99 from:- for the money good value and miles better than 7dayshop or eBay no named brands.

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