Any good cheapish Juicers? (not Smoothie but similar)

    I'm after a Juicer, loads out there but not sure what to get.
    They range in price from £15 to £70 & like the Smoothie Makers have different quality etc, I would like to pay approx £30.

    I'm after a Juicer as they seem to extract more Juice from everything while Smoothies do a similar job but also turn it into a Milkshake!!

    I've got a Juicer already but it doesn't work overly well, any good review sites out there?



    i too have been looking at juicers, need to be careful as some (the cheap ones) dont work with citrus fruits and they sometimes provide a hand juicer for citrus fruits.

    i want something that i can whack a load of fruit in it in the morning and drink it quick with out having to mess around with cutting it up and peeling things.

    does putting whole fruit like apples with pips work when you put it in a smoothie maker or do you have to peel and de-pip it all first?

    Smoothie makers don't juice. Got my gf one for xmas. She wanted a juicer. In the dog house.

    I'm also after a juicer, but she wants a decent one (they go up to £stupid (i've seen ones for £200) and I can spend up to £100.

    seen this one for £50, seems like a good deal. does all fruit and veg easy to clean seems like a good deal.…-21

    At the othet end of yhe scale...I just saw a juicer from Aldi priced at £9.99! Amazingly cheap
    >Make glass after glass of your favourite, 100%pure fruit juice. Just pop pears, apples, pineapples, oranges, mangoes and more into this elegant 'extractor' and it will soon squeeze the goodness

    I may just get this one myself.


    Its beautiful to look at, wonderful to touch and produces delightful juices....what more can I say! :wink:

    Hand Juicers are the best, check out this chrome beauty available at Amazon, its well under your budget and comes with a 10 year guarantee!!

    Half-price Chrome Lever Action Juicer £12.47(plus additional p/p)

    Manufacturer's Description

    Deluxe Large Lever-Arm Chrome Plated Juicer/Press with stainless steel strainer and cup. This product has as ten year guarantee and both the strainer and cup are dishwasher safe. Gift Boxed.

    Box Contents
    Large lever-arm juicer
    Removable juice strainer
    Removable cup

    Original Poster

    Thought I'd do some more digging around the last few days and after a bit of advice from my Mum! came across these 2:

    Breville JE7 in Red:…959
    or same product JE10 but in Silver:…960
    This is RRP £112.99 but everywhere (apart from electricshopping has this for about £49.99 (Dixons, Currys, Comet) to £54.99 (Argos), also on Amazon for £45 ish.
    550 Watt speed (not 450 like on adverts) & 1 Speed setting.

    Looking on Amazon & a few other reviews the JE7/JE10 has got a slating, so this made me think. Went to a few shops and asked them why half-price and a few said they mustn't have been selling well or Xmas offer, I just couldn't force myself to buy one in the end due to a nagging thought that they are a bit dodgy and being phased out??

    Also the other good one...

    Breville Antony Worrall Thompson JE8 Juice Extractor:…458
    RRP=£99.99 but here its for £79.50 with free P&P.
    850 Watt Power & 2 Speeds.

    The JE8 has got good reviews and is a bit more expensive than I was expecting to pay, but what the hell it's Christmas!!! That's the one for me...

    So we had to get it today and went around the shops, finally found one in Miller Brothers for £89.97 but was the last one and the display model, went to Currys and they price-matched the JE8 + 10% (ish) of the difference so got it brand new for £88.97, OK could have got it for cheaper at but we had to get one this weekend!

    Got it home, tried it out and works great, tried it with whole apples & pear and has no problems, extracts much better than our old one and loads of juice in the included jug - also hardly has any bits in the juice & foam gets separated in the jug so you can remove this if not wanted, and not much juice left in the waste.
    We're now full to the brim of apricots, apple, pear, oranges etc now

    Only gripe is the stickers they put on the bits you wash, they came off in the wash but left a load of sticky residue, had to use my trusty strong packing tape to pull the sticky off (insiders tip!!), you could also use "sticky stuff remover" from any shop like Wilko's!

    OK a minor gripe but why do manufacturers do this???

    All in all the JE8 is a great product & highly recommended by me.
    (that said we've only just starting using it, but easy to take back to Currys if we get a fault, not sure how easy things are to return to some Internet Sites).

    L'equip Mini Pulp Ejector.

    Anyone seen this better than £95?
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