Any good co-op multiplayer games?

Love playing games with mates but quite often prefer to work together to complete a mission or to beat other people over the internet. Played c&c3 quite a bit but it's full of cheaters/spammers. Prefer games that last longer than 2 minutes!!!

Played unreal tournament but usually end up on different teams and it's usually quite unbalanced.

Quite enjoyed the co-op mode of Doom but it's quite old now.

So any good pc games with either co-op mode or 2v2 on the internet? Or more players as long as you're on the same team and can stick together rather than being at opposite ends of the map?


battlefield 2s great with your mates. make a squad and have all ur buds join then they spawn on you. Also test drive unlimiteds a gooden for just cruzin around hawaii with your mates next to you.

Dont forget your mic.

Call Of Duty 2 is a really good game to play online with. There are lots off cool maps and different game types.

Plus you'd be able to buy it for very cheap now.
Still enjoying it now!

Call of duty 4 wins hands down

Swat 4 is good! :thumbsup:

lol co incidence, as mentioned in another thread i often play red alert 2 yuris revenge in co-op/skirmish mode against ai's or other m8's
if ur into hard core strategy look up total annhilation
also a m8 really like company of heroes which i keep meanin to get into


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