Any good companies for big Raffle prizes??

Posted 14th Oct 2012
To cut a long story short our little 2 year old boy passed away earlier this year to a very rare blood disorder. There is a research charity but it receives no money from the Government so we are trying to raise money (and the profile) of the charity. So far we have raised just over £3000 from funeral collections and a picnic in his memory.

For the picnic we invited friends and family to our parents house (as they have a big garden!) to play games, buy cakes and ran a raffle. It was a great afternoon and raised over £1600. With this in mind we are deciding whether to make it a bigger event and open it to the public. If we did this we would also run a big Raffle with some big prizes that will attract people!

So my question is has anyone approached nationwide businesses with any success, if so which ones? One that springs to mind would be a hot air ballon ride from Virgin. Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The charity is If we do it then it will be a properly licenced raffle and printed tickets listings the top few prizes (hence needing an idea if we can get big prizes before deciding to plan it). It would be in July/August 2013.

Thank you
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