any good deal car insurance?

    i have my insurance due on 1 november.. is there any good deal ? i have 3 year NCB, spouse on Provisional licence though.. use for social purpose only.. premium i am getting is around £700-800.. any good deal pls let me know. thanks in advance


    How is anyone here going to be able to answer that question without your car details,home address,age, etc etc. Insurance quotes are not exactly comparable from one person to the next in terms of getting a good deal Take a look around the comparison websites and do the usual tricks when searching.

    Usual tricks

    Axa done a good deal for my son's car insurance, around £200 cheaper than all the rest on Go Compare. Try Aviva too
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    looks like you need to read up on car insurance, try here all the info you need, plus there are other articles on how to get the best for your money…ce/


    each company is different, each company looks at your location, age, car and history.
    so if mine was cheaper than anyone else, they may not be for you because of your posts code.

    go on
    money supermarket
    compare the , this is cheaper for me but not for some, Luke is higher for me but not for rest. also look at your renewal
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