any good deal on agood dehumidifier

Found 4th Jun 2009
I have an extremely bad damp problem, so wondering if a dehumidifier would work.
Can anyone recommend a good deal, obviously the cheaper the better!!!


I've had a damp problem in a bedroom for years.

Year:1 Ebac dehumidifier and redecoration after a scrub down, redecoration reveals it is not in the plaster and walls thankfully, it's in the wallpaper

Year:2 Mould and condensation came back, I get multiple quotes for difference solutions:
i) £5000 chemical infusion into the walls to "seal" them, despite the problem isn't there which requires completely stripping down the room and rebuilding it
ii) £1000+ Positive pressure machine to force air through the room
iii) Airbricks which dehumidify

I went for Airbricks but a few months later some mould and condensation came back, 90% in the wallpaper, a 3rd airbrick was installed to increase airflow through that room as much as possible, so the plan is when the tenant in there goes on holiday, we'll redecorate and remove the wallpaper forever so that it can't come back.

Winter is when it appears for this room due to location and winds, the room is double glazed.

Any chance you can post some pictures?

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I had adamp course fitted about 4 years ago. Builder is claiming no responsibility, so it is in the hands of a solicitor at the minute

But my house is disgusting and i hate it! There is mould growing etc. and it stinks, and it is getting worse every day!


You need to find out if it's spread in your bricks and plaster, small exploratory surgery so to speak will show you.

RE: Previous work, I hope you got quotes and everything is on paper + you paid via cheque.

Oh i should of said, the damp was reduced after the airbricks, this winter will be next real test as that's when it returns to the room as it's open corner vunerable to winds, those who are terraced or enclosed semi detached, should be grateful lol
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