Any good deals on a GTX 1060 6Gb?

    Looking ofr a GTX 1060 6Gb - can anyone recommend a good deal on one of these cards?


    Wait for the Black Friday sales, you will likely be able to pick up a reduced one!

    I'm in the same boat, I was tempted by a few deals around £220 I've seen here once or twice, but ultimately I'm doing what Arcturas recommends and waiting until a sale happens, hopefully black friday.

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    I ordered a Palit 980 Ti from Amazon Warehouse today for £280. (£330 + the current £50 off deal.) That is more than I would have paid for a 1060 but performance wise the 980 Ti is much closer to the 1070 (which is around £400) than the 1060.

    They have one left here:…+ti

    Excellent review of the Palit card here:…tml

    Averaging across all the benchmarks that I have looked at, the 1070 is 40% faster than the 1060. However, it is only 7% faster than the 980Ti. (Or put another way the 980 Ti 30% faster than the 1060.)

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    Alternatively Amazon have an R9 390X - which has very similar performance to the 1060 for £193 and qualifies for £50 off if you spend at least £200.…56P

    You just need to find another qualifying item for at least £7 - for example the following…1-3

    To get a net price of £150 for a card with similar performance to a GTX 1060. The 1060 does score higher for VR though - 8.8 vs 7.6 for the 390X.
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