Any good deals on any Zombie Films on Blu-Ray (maybe George A. Romero ones or something as good)

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Found 19th Dec 2010
Hi all, anyone know where there are any good deals on George A. Romero films or Zombie films that are nearly as good on Blu-Ray??

Thanks all


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3 films @ … 3 films @ £7.99http://www.play.com/DVD/Blu-ray/4-/16142310/Zombie-Box-Set-Survival-Of-The-Dead-Day-Of-The-Dead-Remake-Diary-Of-The-Dead/Product.html?searchstring=zombie&searchtype=BLU&searchsource=2&searchfilters=s%7bzombie%7d%2bc%7b600%7d%2b&urlrefer=search

Thanks thats a great boxset, anymore??

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What a PITA, i was out b4 i get in to buy it and its now £16.99 anyone else got any deals please?

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amazon have it at the same price and sure it was not b4, hmmmm
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