Any good deals on Cross Trainers / Ellipticals?

Posted 9th Jan
Given it's January I was hoping for something competitively priced for use at home. I've seen the Reebok ZR8 which I may go for but my main concern is stride distance given I'm 6ft.

Does anyone know a good website to look at these things? or have any suggestions on what to go for? I'm pretty unfamiliar with this stuff but know of the major brands.

Ideally looking to spend £200-300.

I prefer to use a strider at the gym but saw the prices of those and nope .
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last time I looked it was sweatband to keep an eye on - although plenty of people I know have bought them in a month or two's time when the novelty wears off from the January resolutions and they go cheap second hand.
I’d go for something used .. someone somewhere is bound to have spent a fortune on something they never used that you can pick up for a song
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