Any Good Deals On The Moto v3i

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Found 21st Feb 2006
Contract with minites & texts please

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Have a look here:

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Thanks for the help Have a Karma :thumbsup:

Hehe!! I'm such an idiot!! I just thought you were looking for a phone contract for some reason.

Here are V3i offers:

Orange, 1000 Orange to Orange Off-Peak mins >> £80 for the year <<

o2, 1000 offpeak mins to all networks, 100 txts >> £140 for the year <<

>> THIS << is a nice little offer from e2save, a Carphone warehouse subsidiary. 10 months free (by cashback) and 200 X-net minutes a month. Go through QUIDCO for a hefty 31.50 which basically makes it 11 months free. It doesn't have texts but a bundle of 50 is 3 quid a month extra i think. so 200 minutes and 50 texts a month for the term of the 18 months contract will work out at= £257or 14 quid a month...Bargain! (although personally hate motorolas!!!)

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Hi. I've been looking at the offers on this thread: >> Ducky's special 12 month free line rental on a 12 month contract thread << and was hoping somebody could clear some things up.

I've seen a number of these offers before and found that they will charge me line rental and then request that I write to them and ask for some money back, Is this not the case with these offers? Will they send me a phone and not charge me for 12 months??


No... they work on cashback. You pay the full amount to the network and send bills back to the retailer and they send you a lump sum. You usually send it back in 3 or 4 separate installments. It can be risky with retailers not paying out, however this risk is only very small.
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