Any good deals on yoghurt makers?

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Found 14th Mar 2008
I'm really keen on getting one of these as my kids go through about 28 yoghurts a week!!
Are there any good deals around please?

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Just get a pot of live yoghurt, add milk and leave it for a couple of days! We used to make gallons!

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Really, I had no idea it was that simple!
Can you use any milk, ie skimmed? I assume you store it in the fridge but in what kind of container??

It is pretty easy but.... I use easiyo packets and kit - foolproof and I 'feel safer'.

There's probably a shop near you that sells it but Lakeland do as well -


Go on to ]qvcuk.com and look at easiyo , easy to make and great value + 5% quidco

Sorry I missed that this had a response! Live yoghurt contains the bacteria needed to make yoghurt. The bacteria slow down in the cold so it will either take longer of not work in a fridge. I think the fats in whole milk make for a better pud!

We had huge quantities of unpasteurised whole milk from the local farmer and used to mix in a pot of live yoghurt and just cover it with a plate of clingfilm and leave it out on the side - it should set in 24 hours then you can refridgerate it.

Hope that helps!

Here's a guide on wikiHow:

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