Any good Home Cinema package deals ?

    Looking for an all-in-one with optical in if possible so I can hook up my xbox 360. I like the look of this by no optical in it would seem. :-(…450

    Any other offers ?


    If you need an optical in to connect an XBOX or SKY Digital then take a look at the Samsung HT-X30 sold by Dixons/Currys etc. Priced at £169.99 on Dixons website product code 021058.

    Also supports DIVX and has 800W RMS power using 5.1 speaker system (although no stands provided). Even supports USB devices and have AUX in on the front for a standard 3.5mm jack i.e. iPod connection and Phono on the back.

    Supports Dolby Digital 5.1 from my SKY HD optical output but does not come with any cables(apart from the mains lead). So you will need a optical cable and a HDMI cable to connect to the TV. Supports upscaling to 1080i.

    I hope this helps.


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    Cheers Tight Git - will ave a look .

    Thanks for the link.

    Really wanted tall speakers though - with the Sky+ connection.

    Looking at the following:
    Panasonic SC-PT850
    Samsung HT-TX35

    Any comments / suggestions?




    Im looking for home cinema package to connect my ps3 - im not very good with technical stuff, but ive seen two which seem okay to me and as im looking at getting Sky HD in the future, it may be of help to you.

    Sony HTSF1100 -…OAQ


    What do you think of these? Im not very good with things like this - so if anyone could recommend any better one's for less £300 it would be much appreciated. (ive not checked if they are the best price - just seen them - may be of interest to you)

    Been looking for one myself.
    This looks the business for the price but out of stock at the mo
    Samsung HT-THX35R £230 at…tml
    Has optical for xbox/ps3. Similar price at dabs and pixmania but no stock yet. Keep a look out for it

    We have the HT-THX35R and are very pleased with it. Samsung can be a bit hit and miss with thier products but this is a good one. The Divx USB playback is a bit simplistic but does the job.

    The Sony HTSF1100 looks good as it has more connections and not a DVD player so should be more future proof. Downside of the sony is that the stand bases are vast (over 30cm) and i'm not allowed any Silver in the lounge!

    From what I've read - the sony's give a slighter better sound than the panasonic or samsungs - but there's not much in it. If you're short on room, the panasonics have the smallest base.

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    I think i'm going to go for a non DVD option as intend to purchase HD DVD player in the not too distant future meaning i'm forking out for a DVD player now I can't sell on in the future.

    Not many just home cinema kits around these days though so may have to go down the 2nd hand route.

    i went to richer sounds and picked up a great cinema kit for 570 quid seems a lot of money but you get what you pay for and they throw in the optical leads for the xbox360 in free and all the speaker cable free and i also got the speaker stands for free.The sound is amazing though never heard anything like it im well pleased with it
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