Any good Hotel in Amsterdam?


    I wonder if anyone can help, I am looking for accomodation in Amsterdam for 3 nights (24-27/05). Looking for a double(2 people) with bathroom near the centre, hopefully around £300...


    Just do not stay at the Hans Brinker - it's a dive. anywhere near Leidsplein (may have spelt that wrong) will be perfect for you as it's in the centre.

    stay at some hotels near the airport, nearly all provide free shuttle services to the airport and the train is 15 mins away from town centre and only 4 euros. Cheaper hotels and cleaner area. Half the time, they dont even check tickets on the train, not that im saying you should dodge the fare


    Try ]http//ww…spx

    i book most of my hotels through them in europe and you get 5% back through Quidco.

    Ive checked and you get about 10 hotels in your price range. They are all pretty standard and i once went 2 years ago and for £300 you basically will get a room and bathroom plus standard facilities. If thats all you want then great but for £350-£400 you will find you can get a better service and larger rooms, plus be closer to centre.

    Hope this helps

    Have a great time anyway.

    Try They have quite a few 3 night for the price of 2 offers on at the moment.…own

    Have used them several times myself. Generally have found them to have the best prices by far.

    Plus 10% Quidco. Also enter the code "shop" for a further £10 discount.

    SirHugo :thumbsup:

    Update: - just realised that the offer dates probably won't help you, but worth checking the prices out anyway.
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