Any good iPhone refurishied deals? Or handset only. Upgrading from XS MAX

Posted 26th Dec 2022 (Posted 5 h, 27 m ago)
Looks like I was late to the party earlier this month and there was some decent refurbished in iPhone deals. I am looking to upgrade my XS max as it never seems to have 3G signal, i thought it was my network but I’ve been on 3 different networks to no improvement. Looking to cash it in and consider something I can keep for a good 2-3 years. Any suggestions?
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    Well within your budget. Fresh off the press this morning 🎅 (edited)
    Thank you! Just ordered 128gb excellent for £439! Cheers (edited)
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    How much do
    You want to spend?
    Hoping max £600
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    Just a heads up that all but the o2 network have unofficially started shutting down the 3G Networks a little earlier than expected in some areas. Relying on 3G Signal is no longer a wise idea and you want to be focusing on 4G or even 5G For the vast majority of your signal coverage. If you are with one of the very few networks that doesn't offer VoLTE Then you should expect to be using 2G For voice calls instead.

    As for the phone, do you have a budget in mind and any requirements? For example you're coming from a max model so is the bigger screen a must-have? Bigger storage sizes etc.
    Thanks for this. I’m currently on Vodafone who seem to b best for signal where I live. Hoping £600 abs max (450 ideal, but if up to 600 I’ll stick on credit card n pay off). Really need a good battery life and good camera. Rest isn’t a priority 
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