Any good mobile phone contract deals at the moment?

Posted 11th Sep 2020
Hi all, my contract is due for upgrade but I just can't seem to find a good deal. About a 35 - 40 pound budget. Any suggestions?? Thankyou
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What phone? What operating system? What’s your current network? Preference camera etc brand? All these thing would be very useful
what you call a bad deal could be awsome to someone else..
Just wait on til black Friday in 2 months if you can, get up early and you will grab a right bargain
Dyslexic_Dog12/09/2020 04:15

Huawei P40 pro £41 a month[Image] …Huawei P40 pro £41 a month[Image]

Lack of Google support on the P40 would be any issue for many people, not everyone is happy side loading GMS to get playstore access
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