Any good mobile phone contracts going? or best upgrade for Vodafone?

Found 6th Aug 2009
Voa contract coming to end by end of Sept - currently getting 500mins and 100txt which was the 12month free deal from phones4u

trying to get an upgrade but they not offering anything decent at all

any suggestions where i can get a new contract with low rental
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Nokia 5800 is pretty good, fun to use; Nokia N97 is one up from 5800, great if you could get it free. :whistling:
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are there any good contracts with them handsets..i really fancy the N97 but vodafone being very tight!
well whenever you begin talking N97, you arent going to get a low price line rental for sure. (noone mention the one off loop from vodafone, never gonig to happen again now)...anyway, if p4u arent offering a good deal, try direct at vodafone for one, im currently on a £10/mo contract, free w595, and 100mins/500txts. anyway for n97 you would either need to seriously push the customer services during the upgrade process or be ready to pay quite a high line rental or the other option paying £350+ for one from someone else and getting a sim only deal
Just say you found better deal by another network, and want to switch network unless they give you N97 for free. This usually works.
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ill give it a shot, i did go direct to vodafone, but ive got just over a month so gonna try again and see what the score is

any good deals with low rental with e2save???
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