Any good Nokia N95 deals?

    I know it's early, but has anybody spotted anything worthwhile yet??


    The best deal as of 15/03/07 is on a pre order phone = £109.99 18 month contract £35 a month 600 min and 500 texts on O2 onestopphoneshop


    I think they are actually out.
    Fone-Shaq had several 12 month deals, cheapest at 25 quid a month - it's still an expensive bit of kit though


    You can buy them sim free from for £499.99. I would wait for 2 month as they always have problems when first launched.

    Are these cheaper yet? I would have though by now they would be.
    The iPhone is coming out soon though and you can pre-order it already!!!

    I had to pay £90 when I upgraded.....

    They will come down soon as the N97 will be out
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