Any good offers on a small 4 door car with a big boot!

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Found 8th Dec 2014
My beloved Citreon Saxo is off to the great garage in the sky and I need a replacement. If they were still made, i'd buy another as it's been fantastic.

I'd like a 4 door, large boot (i've 2 babies), small-ish car. Cheap as possible.

If anyone can suggest any particular models or link any deals, i'd be very grateful.

Thank you for your help

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You put babies in the boot??? oO

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it would be a lot easier then messing with car seats!


it would be a lot easier then messing with car seats!



As heavily criticised as Saxo's are, I would buy another in a heart beat as well, they age nicely if treated nicely. The range that Citroen brought out afterwards are just pants, and small cars became bigger ugly "City cars" that whilst bigger have naff all boot-space.

Suzuki Swift might be worth a look, but if I remember right their failing always was boot space but that might have improved over the last 10 years though.

Ford Fiesta could be worth a look. Toyota Auris.

I'll be interested in the replies as I'm on the look out myself.

Well, the Saxo doesn't have a particularly big boot for it's length. At 280L it's not that much more than the 250L of the best city cars like the VW UP and the shortest superminis like the Nissan Micra at 265L. Size-wise the Saxo is 3.7m, the Up is 3.54m and the Micra 3.8m

Looking at pictures though the saxo does seem to have the usability advantage of a long shallow boot rather than the short deep boot that's generally found on smaller cars today. If you want something the same length as a saxo in boot terms you'll probably have to push the length up to 4m (core supermini territory, the fiesta is almost exactly 4m IIRC)

If you do then MPVs often have very good boots and if you want cheap then a mini van-based one like the Fiat Qubo/Peugeot Bipper Teepee/Citroen Nemo Multispace might be worth looking at as they're usually fairly low priced and give you a nice big, square boot. Something like a C3 Picasso would be more refined though.

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Thank you EndlessWaves for the information. The wonder of the Saxo boot is that you can put a pram in it and still have room for shopping. My hubby's Audi A3 struggled with both!

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I'll be interested in the replies as I'm on the look out myself.[/quote]

I've just googled the recommendations and they are ugly as sin... if you find any yourself, can you let me know please.

This one has good reviews ... i10
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I have a Honda jazz and absolutely love it. big boot aswell

Honda FRV - 6 Seater. With Big Boot.

They don't make them any more so only 2nd hand these are great and really nice boot space for the car.

Honda civic, one of the biggest boots in its class

Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio are all popular cars in that size class, even Peugeot 207/8 or Volkswagen Polo

Also, this site may be your best friend to find out about comfort, reliability and boot space: Parkers.co.uk

Have had many happy motoring miles from my Micra. It's up to 130,000 now and still going strong, plenty of room in the boot for my grandson's wheels and baggage.
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