Any good orange mobile phone deals at the mo?

    Mine and my husbands phone contracts have expired, We're currently paying £25 a month each for 800 minutes each, 100 texts each and unlimited house phone calls, We have the g600 and u600 phones! Dont know where to start with an upgrade, does anyone know any good offers that are on at the moment or any good phones that are out there? Thankyou in advance!



    For £30 i got 1200 mins, Unlimited txts, Internet and calls to landlines!

    also got a Nokia N96


    Str8 from website!
    think i shopped around and found it on a comparison site

    ring and negotiate. I just got nokia 5800, 200 mins & unlimited text for £10 per month with orange - only downfall is its 18 month deal

    for £21(incl VAT) i got 800 mins, 600 txts, Unlimited Internet and calls to landlines!
    No Phone As I chose to go SIM only....
    30 day contract ....

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    Reckon I would be able to get a good deal, cause we have been with them … Reckon I would be able to get a good deal, cause we have been with them for +5 years now,And we have had like 3 phones on the contract,What should you say to them?

    Same here:thumbsup: Weve been with them about 7 years now
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