Any good phone contracts about for htc Desire or Xperia X10 in white for a low contract

    Ideally £20 or under as it will be for me daughter so dont wat to go mad
    Thanks all


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    also what would 500mb get me compared to my unlimited 3gig could i go on the internet like facebook etc?

    500mb is quite a lot

    i've oce come close to my limit but i just used wifi for a few days instead

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    chees bud i got unlimited at the mo so just leave it running in the background
    any word about the contract anyone?

    i think theres a feature on money supermarket where you can search fr phone deals

    500mb is fine

    i use my internet all the time, though i have it set up so that wifi at home is automatically switched on to save my 3g use. plus i have btfon installed so when i'm in a hotspot area it logs n automatically

    but anyway, 500mb on 3g is fine for browsing but if you're downloading stuff (like for instance i use myplayer to download bbc programmes) make sure you use wifi

    I've been looking at getting a Xperia X10 to replace my iphone 3G... The cheapest I've seen has been a £25 - 24 month contract with Three but that involves a £49.99 fee for the handset.

    The next cheapest was a £27.50 24 month Dolphin 30 deal with Orange where the handset was free although you're paying £10 more that way over the duration of the contract. However there is also £80 Quidco to be had from an Orange so if that tracks will make it cheaper.

    Not sure about the HTC Desire - 3 had a £20 deal on the HTC Wildfire

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    Money supermarket got some good xperia deals mate 22 and free phone on Orange
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