Any good prices for the Casio Exilim EX-Z1080 or a better camera of the same type floating around?

    Its my birthday next week, I rediscovered photography the other week with my mate who has an SLR although I cannot afford one of those, I'm looking for a camera anything up to £140ish. Thought the Exilim looked good, I had a go with one of the earlier 8 megapixel models the other week and was very impressed. Any suggestions?

    Heres a review:…/p1


    Happy birthday for next week JustExtreme. If you're happy with a sliver one Dixons have it for £100.87 and £5.95 delivery:…id=

    Considering your budget I'd also consider Canon, Sony and Panasonic.

    There maybe a discount code if you search hotukdeals.


    CASIO Exilim Zoom EX-Z1080 black

    £ 125 Inc. VAT

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    Which models of Canon, Sony and Panasonic would you recommend checking out that would be similar to this camera? I just realised it dosen't have a viewfinder hole...

    Most of the digital compacts thesedays do not have viewfinders....
    I still can't get used to it.

    Here's a great site for reviews/information:-

    I should spend a few hours researching, before splashing out your hard earned cash, and maybe being disapointed if you don't.

    You might pick up a DSLR cheap, if you go for an older model. As you know the prices drop like a stone when they bring out new models.

    I bought an Olympus C-750 UZ, about five years ago......It's brilliant, I could recomend that if you could find one.
    I have newer cameras as well but my old Oly takes some beating.
    The newer Olympus SP-560 UZ is suposed to be quite good, take a look.

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    I have a bit of a lower limit now of £100ish perhaps just over and I haven't seen a bad review of the Z1080 so I'm tempted as I've had a go with one of its older sisters and was impressed. One thing that concerns me though, does anyone know if all video recording on it is limited to 10 minutes or just the youtube function?

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    After a few hours of research I've decided to stay with my original choice, all I really need right now is a point and shoot camera that takes good quality pictures and gives space for a bit of experimentation, it will be useful for uni too when I go in september!

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    Went with dixons nice price! Thanks a lot Bingsy
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