Any good quality crockery deals available at the mo?

    I need to get about 20 sets of crockery for work as our old stuff is pretty chipped and scruffy - anyone know of any good deals going at the mo?


    I would of thought any workplace would be able to get a discount and would require the plain white plates that most restaurants use etc.

    I'm sure such a bulk buy from the right supplier, if you can find them could do you a good deal.

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    Okay thanks. We got our last lot from House of Fraser but they are pretty naff and they don't do them now. Any reason you think we would need to go for white?

    I assumed you were a hotel/catering/restaurant/cafe of some sort to require so much?

    Not to mention while plates for that industry are probably produced in mass quantities and wrapped in bulk orders of 5 or 10 sets purposefully to make it cheaper.

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    Oh I see, well yes that would make sense. No, we just have people come into our offices for meetings and need to replace the old stuff.

    Why not go to IKEA,if you are near one?

    They have loads of white crockery at ridiculously cheap prices - the 'motto' range is 19p per item :thumbsup:…ice

    If you need mugs, they also start at 19p each…ice

    They are quite good quality, too, and as they are 'mix and match' you can buy more of the items that you use most frequently.

    Hope this helps

    TJ Hughes do some really nice flatware sets also they sell seperates if you don't need the mugs etc, not as cheap as IKEA but they start at 29p for a side plate.
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