Any good R/C car forums out there? whats the best 1?



    Is this what your looking for



    Is this what your looking for ]

    errm doubt it mate r/c = radio controlled

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    errm doubt it mate r/c = radio controlled

    what he said^^

    damn Ive gotta get back into r/c cars, used to do 3/4 race meets a week back in the day (upto about 92) started with the tamiya super sabre, last one was schumacher cougar 2000 and all kit - set me back about £1100 with all batteries etc.

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    wow that is alot of money on a rc car. I hope you won a few races!

    Sorry, thought R/C was rally, but radio controlled was right.
    Used have one too, Way fast machines.
    Need a good bit of skill to operate one.
    Good luck on getting your info thou.

    I got an acme conquistador. Its mint, when its not broke haha last time i took it out, smashed into a parked car and the car just blew into parts and flew everywhere haha. £40 its fixed again, have a couple of weeks, crash it into a rock and break the front bulkhead, but got new parts now and about to fit them as we speak. its good overall, just not when im driving it haha

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