any good web hostings out there. have used godaddy and its a big let down

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Found 14th Nov 2016
hi guys been using godaddy for a while now and they are pretty bad. even tho I have one wordpress site. my memory usage just maxes out for no reason. tired of ringing godaddy.and getting no help.keep pushing me to upgrade.
can anyone recommend any good web hosts that they are actually using? thanks



I use

Cheap and cheerful and you can pay monthly.

Don't go for one they are terrible aswell

Vidahost reliable and reasonable.
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I'd speak to Matt at United Hosting for good hosting or for cheap but OK.

I am happy to recommend PCSmarthosting

I currently have hosting with Uk2 & Siteground. Of the two, Siteground is brilliant with service and support. Can't fault them at all.


my memory usage just maxes out for no reason.

It won't be for no reason.
Maybe you are using plugins that cause this to happen (some are badly written and can slow sites to a crawl - the original Statpress, for example), maybe your site is being crawled by bad bots, or it's being attacked or has been hacked.
There are plugins you can install that can help stop attacks, bad bots etc. For example Wordfence -…ce/

How big is the site, how busy is it, are you running lots of plugins?
It may be that you've outgrown shared hosting and may be better off getting a VPS, or even a low end dedicated server. If you want to try a VPS to see the difference it can make you can get one with a decent spec for €2.99 /month from…xml


Vidahost or TSOhost or Justhost.

have u tried any of these options:

- adding define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M'); in wp-config file?
- or update htaccess file and add php_value memory_limit 256M
- or tried creating a php.ini file and adding this line 'memory_limit = 256M '

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thanks guys for the responses will look into them

These are offering a free trial at the moment, can't get better then that. I used them for 3 years before I got a dedicated server

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Right guys. i have been checking out alot of reviews.and i am looking at these 3,.... hostgator, siteguard and inmotion.
Anyone had any dealings with these companies?

I've used Hostgator, they're OK but I don't use them any more. If you do go with them, wait until their Black Friday / cyber Monday sale. For the last few years they've had discounts of up to 80% during flash sales.
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