Any good xobx one games for under 12 years old boys?

Found 15th Feb 2017
I just bought a new xbox one for my boys. And I am planning to get Minecraft and favourite pack, forza 3, Fifa 2017. Most of other popular games are 16+. Is there any more good nonviolent games out there?

Added lego marvel and plant vs zombies to the list. But just find out plant vs zombies is on EA ACCESS.

Shall I get EA access for them to try out the games instead? how does it work? thanks.
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Get Yooka-Laylee when it releases on 11 April. I'd also recommend any of the LEGO games and Rare Replay, a collection of 30 wide-ranging older games from the developer Rare. There are a few violent games in there, but the majority are very child-safe; you can just choose not to install those games which aren't suitable.

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Off the top of my head there's the Skylanders games and Lego Dimensions (though very costly if you buy the extras), Rayman is fun, the Lego games are always worth a look, Marvel is still the best in my opinion but there's also Batman 3, Lego Movie, Star Wars, Hobbit, Avengers and possibly more. A Micro Machines game is coming out soon so that could be a good shout and a game called Lego Worlds which looks decent. Star Wars Angry Birds was released if they are fans. Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 1&2. I'm certain there's loads more but my mind has gone blank and I'm tired.
My personal recommendation as a starting point would be Lego Marvel as there is so much to do and that makes it fab value, Minecraft which you're already getting, and depending on age Skylanders (Swap Team is probably crazy cheap by now), also Rayman & Garden Warfare.
Rocket league
Thanks everyone. Added Lego marvel. plant vs zombies to the list for start.
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Resident evil 7 is pretty good

Resident evil 7 is pretty good

​isn't it 18+? I am looking game for a 9years and 5 years.
Mine love

Roblox (free)
Lovers in a dangerous space time (free gwg this month)
Goat sim
Unravelled (ea access)

There's loads more but at museum so can't think
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